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Commercial Water Damage Restoration in East Lyme, CT

1/4/2022 (Permalink)

Commercial water damage restoration near me in East Lyme, CT. When flooding or water damage strikes your commercial property in East Lyme, CT, our team is ready to respond 24/7.

Flooding or water leaks in your East Lyme commercial property can cause extensive water damage, structural problems, and even mold growth. When a water emergency strikes, business owners must have a fast response to prevent widespread damages.

SERVPRO of Old Saybrook is your local commercial water damage cleanup company in East Lyme, CT, dedicated to providing 24-hour emergency services across Connecticut.

SERVPRO of Old Saybrook understands that every hour your business is closed is an hour of lost productivity and revenue. That's why we immediately respond to your call - no matter the time of day. 

Whether you're dealing with flooding from a burst pipe, natural disaster, or faulty appliance, we'll be there to provide commercial water damage restoration services.

Commercial Water Damage Restoration Services

SERVPRO of Old Saybrook's commercial water damage restoration process is designed to quickly help mitigate the damages to your building. Without our fast action, flooding can cause extensive property damages and in many cases mold and mildew growth.

Our commercial water damage cleanup services include:

  1. Emergency Contact
  2. Damage Inspection
  3. Commercial Flood Cleanup
  4. Commercial Drying Process
  5. Mold Remediation
  6. Cleaning & Sanitizing
  7. Restoration

1 - Emergency Contact

When you call SERVPRO of Old Saybrook, a representative will take your contact information and all details about your loss. Questions include:

  • When did flooding occur? What was the source?
  • Has the source of water been stopped?
  • What areas of the building have been affected?
  • How much standing water is there?
  • Have you filed an insurance claim?

These questions help our team be prepared to handle your commercial flood damage, determining how many crews, amount of equipment, and if there are any important circumstances surrounding your loss.

2 - Damage Inspection

A Project Manager will meet with you on site to inspect all damages and create a water damage restoration plan for your commercial property.

3 - Commercial Flood Cleanup

Once crews arrive on site, they immediately begin cleaning up standing water. The faster water cleanup is completed, the more likely it is for building materials to be saved rather than thrown away.

4 - Commercial Drying Process

To ensure all areas affected by moisture are dried, drying equipment is set up throughout your commercial building. Depending on the source of the damage, walls, ceilings, or flooring may need to be removed to complete the drying process. SERVPRO of Old Saybrook takes moisture readings of building materials to determine whether or not they are dry, ensuring all 'hidden' moisture is addressed.

5 - Mold Remediation (As needed)

Commercial mold removal in East Lyme may not be required, but SERVPRO of Old Saybrook can provide these services as needed.

6 - Cleaning and Sanitizing

Once all moisture has been addressed, our team will clean and sanitize the affected areas. This removes unwanted odors, dirt, bacteria, or mold spores that have been left behind.

7 - Restoration

In the final step of the commercial water damage cleanup process, your building is restored to pre-damage conditions. This may include minor repairs, such as touch up painting, or more major reconstruction such as replacing drywall ceilings.

Commercial Water Damage Concerns

Commercial water damage in East Lyme, CT causes unique issues, depending on the type of commercial property.

Apartment Buildings

If you own or manage apartment buildings, flooding or a water leak can cause a huge disaster. Water can affect multiple of all levels of the building, flowing directly through ceilings and light fixtures. The water damage restoration process for an apartment building is a large process which is complicated by separate apartment units.

Brick and Mortar Storefronts

When water damage affects your small storefront or large department store, you can lose thousands of dollars worth of inventory. On top of inventory loss, your storefront may need to close for repairs, losing much needed revenue. As a store owner, water damage can force you to close your doors. As a commercial property owner, water damage can cause you to lose revenue when tenants close and move out.

Medical Buildings

According to Chubb, buildings that are hospitals or medical centers have the most to lose when it comes to water damage. One major water leak can force patients to be sent to other hospitals and shut down entire departments until cleanup and restoration has been completed.


When office buildings sustain water damage, companies can lose paper files, electronic devices, and be displaced from the office for an extended amount of time.

Choose SERVPRO of Old Saybrook For Commercial Water Damage Cleanup

Any Size Commercial Disaster

SERVPRO of Old Saybrook has the experience, training, and resources to provide large scale water damage repair services for your commercial property in East Lyme. Regardless of the source of your damages, we're Here to Help.

Simplifying the Insurance Process

SERVPRO of Old Saybrook will communicate directly with your insurance company. This makes the restoration process more stress-free for you.

24/7 Water Damage Restoration Company

There's no time to wait when it comes to flooding or water damage in East Lyme. Our crews are on call 24/7 to help in your time of need.

Commercial Water Damage Cleanup Services in East Lyme, CT - 860-388-1776

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